Dear members of INDSPN,


Greetings and Best Wishes. Its great to write to you again to keep you abreast of the latest developments in our society.


The Annual meeting as you know is from March 24th  to 26th  in Mumbai. This time we have the AASPN as our associate and all preparations are going on at full speed. We have received a large number of papers for presentation and I am sure that it would be an exciting and informative meeting. There are 2 days of Pre conference workshops on 22nd and 23rd. Please keep the dates free and attend. (To Register please log onto         

We have received a letter from the ISPN regarding the Annual meeting to be held in October in Denver, USA.  Please see the letter below.


The notice for 2 Constitutional Amendments to be put up for approval at the next GBM has been sent and they are available on our website . Please see and send your feedback and comments.


The Tentative Scientific Program has been put up on our website and is sent here as an attachment. All presenters have to compulsorily register. Please do so at the earliest. 


Looking forward to seeing you all in Mumbai,






Dear Friends and Members of the ISPN,

Our 2017 Annual meeting will be held in Denver, Colorado in the United States on October 8th to 12th. President Trump introduced a ban on seven, predominantly Muslim, countries during his first week in office. Although this ban has been suspended despite an appeal to the US Federal Appeals Court I believe that this will not be the end of the matter and we can expect that travel for many non US citizens will be affected and especially those from Muslim Countries.

The ISPN is not and never shall be a political organisation. We are committed to  the Global enhancement of the Neurosurgical care of Children and in order to fulfil our mission statement it is essential that we continue with the free exchange of scientific information relating to our discipline. Restricting the access of vital members of our scientific community to our annual scientific meeting potentially undermines the very foundation of our Society. It must remain a core feature of the ISPN that we endeavour to ensure unhindered access to this and subsequent meetings whatever the political situation may be.

Since the ban was first introduced we have been in discussion with Kenes our Conference Organisers, Mike Handler our 2017 meeting President and Tony Figaji our Scientific Chair. We are all 100% committed to organising an outstanding meeting and will do our utmost to ensure that all of our friends and members can attend. I would like to strongly encourage all of you to attend the meeting, as boycotting will merely play into the hands of those who wish to prevent free exchange of science and damage not only the strength of our organisation but the care of children worldwide. Indeed, it is the aim of my Presidency to develop a strategy for Global Paediatric Neurosurgery and therefore attendance from as many countries as possible is imperative, regardless of creed.

The website and abstract submission for the Denver meeting are now open at so please make your preparations and get your abstracts submitted and all members of your team, especially your nurses and trainees signed up. Kenes and our organisers will do everything humanly possible to ensure that everyone can attend, so if you encounter any difficulty whatsoever please contact us. Mike can be found at michael.handler@childrenscolorado.organd you can reach me at

Let's show the politicians that our International Scientific Community will not be bowed, by making Denver 2017 our most successful meeting on record!

With best wishes,

William Harkness FRCS

President of ISPN 2016-2017